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There are times when a game comes along that promises to cross the line between fun and frustration. If ever there was such a title, Electronic Super Joy is quite possibly it…but don’t let that put you off a purchase!

Available right now on Xbox One, Electronic Super Joy comes in with a £7.99 price tag, and for that you’ll get yourself a super challenging, highly addictive platformer that will just urge you to keep going on and on…and on!

You can check out our full review right here, but if you need something to push your gaming skills, we reckon this could quite possibly the king, especially as the Hot Sticky Mess add on is also available for purchase.

Game Description:

Electronic Super Joy is a challenging platformer featuring a pulse pounding soundtrack by EDM superstar, EnV! Run, jump, fly and smash your way through 50+ unique levels, featuring low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters & swarming missile attacks! The Evil Groove-Wizard rules the world with an iron fist. Can you defeat the Groove-Wizard and end his Tyranny? Are you a hero or a goat? Also included are 2 Bonus Content levels, 5 Xbox-exclusive levels, and the Micro-Hell DLC expansion! Ooh la la!

If you need something to raise your frustration levels even more, head on over to the Xbox One Games Store.


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