Good evening Hitman agents, it’s been a while. Nevertheless, there is a new contract available for you so listen carefully.

If you think of yourself as a bit of a Hitman, then your new target is media personality Bartholomew Argus, a charismatic musician turned filmstar. Recent times have seen Argus gain some rather unwanted attention for some very prestigious individuals, making him a liability with his reputation. Currently at the epicentre of a drugs and weapons investigation in the UK, and the subject of an Interpol arrest order has seen Argus become known as somewhat of a bad boy.

The target has since gone underground and out of sight, leaving his former partner and infamous London gangster Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes to take the blame. Information from reliable sources indicate that Argus is laying low in Sapienza as a guest of Dino Bosco. This represents an ideal window of opportunity to take out the target.

Please remember that this is a very important mission agents and you will only have one opportunity to eliminate this Elusive Target.

The target is a timed event and will be available for Hitman players on all platforms until Tuesday the 16th May 2017 13:00 BST.

As you should be well aware agents, each Elusive Target has very limited intel. Exact location and expected activity of the target is unknown, so you will need to approach with caution. There are no retries. If you fail the mission, your target will be gone forever.

Those wishing to take part in Elusive Target #24 will require Hitman: Episode 2 Sapienza to have access.

So, that is your mission. It’s now time to pack your bag. Good luck agents.

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