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In CD-RUN on Xbox One, there is just the one goal – STAY ON THE SCREEN! The problem is, doing so won’t be that easy.

CD-RUN is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, after previously having been available as a PC via Steam download since 2019. Now though the one-man development team at Quack Quack games is pushing the game to console – with an Xbox One launch now here.

Priced at just £8.39, CD-RUN is a relatively cheap and cheerful party game purchase, and on the whole that is what you should expect from the game itself. But you’ll want to be aware as that cutesy look and bright, colourful vibe that is given off could well be a bit of a smokescreen. See, take in the madness of CD-RUN with a mate or seven, and the utter joy of finding success may well be overtaken by the screaming of rage, as you attempt to navigate your way through the procedurally generated stages.

Your goal in CD-RUN is a simple one, keep ahead of all other players, stay on the screen and be the first person to reach a winning score. Or be the last one standing, or even just go all out on a high-score obtaining run. With three game modes in place and a host of customisable opportunities in place for those looking to bring some personality to the game – more than 1000 combinations in fact – then on the face of it there is much to love about this race royale.

If you’re interested, get yourself over to the Xbox Store right this second, and grab a download of CD-RUN on Xbox One. Let us know what you think of it too – the comments section is down below.

Game Description:

Leap over obstacles and opponents in this arcade-style race royale with one goal: Stay on the screen! Scream with joy and rage as up to 8 players duke it out while navigating procedurally-generated level designs and level altering actions. Three different game modes keep things fresh: last one standing, highest score, and first player to get to the winning score. Customize your player’s color, eyes, and mouth. Over 1,000 different combinations to set yourself apart from your opponents.


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