Looking for more content to enhance your Watch Dogs 2 experience? Well, right now you can get the full style, and swagger, of legendary hacker T-Bone.

The Watch Dogs 2 T-Bone Content Bundle is available for purchase right now, bringing T-Bone’s style, customised truck, laser guided grenade launchers and more. Priced at £5.59, there is also an all-new co-op difficulty mode in place, along with an Elite enemy class for you to test your skills against.

You may have thought that there was already enough content included in the Watch Dogs 2 world, but you were wrong, because if you’re a fan of the game, then this is a must buy! Make your way over to the Xbox Games Store right now. T-Bone would be proud!

DLC Description:

Get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker T-Bone Grady in the first Watch_Dogs 2 DLC bundle! Outfit Marcus with T-Bone’s signature look, and plow a path of epic destruction through San Francisco in T-Bone’s customized truck – specially equipped to lift and annihilate vehicles, enemies, and anything else in your way.Fend off a new elite class of enemy as you’re assaulted with laser-guided grenade launchers, and raise the stakes with an all-new co-op difficulty mode.New Features: – T-Bone Truck available in the car-on-demand app – One complete T-Bone inspired outfit- New elite enemy class, armed with laser-guided grenade launchers- New co-op difficulty mode


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