Happy Dungeons may be a free-to-play title, but anything that can help us succeed in our quest for glory is a good thing in our eyes. With that in mind, the Light Start Bundle should be something to check out.

Available to download right now on Xbox One, the Happy Dungeons Light Start Bundle will set you back £7.99, but for that you’ll get an instant discount on no less than 150 Happy Jewels to spend in the in-game shop, giving you an advantage from the get go.

With the opportunity to go dungeon crawling in the most happy of ways with up to 3 other friends, taking in an upbeat free story in the process, Happy Dungeons should be something well worth checking out…especially once you’re done with all those huge titles which have recently hit. If you’re interested, have a little look at our review.

Bundle Description:

Make the most of our value Bundle Packs, only available for purchase once! Purchase a Bundle Pack now and get a discount on 150 Happy Jewels for use at the in-game shop!Cut loose in the dungeons with up to 4 friends in Happy Dungeons, the cooperative action RPG that’s just made for multiplayer gaming!So grab a pad and enjoy the witty, upbeat storyline that’s never short of a surprise, all set within a bizarre world overflowing with comical characters.Vibrant graphics combine with high-speed, stomach-churning action to give you an experience like nothing else!Are you ready to embrace the challenge with your own party of little lunatics?

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