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As much as many of us love it, Kinect is unfortunately dying. But if there was one indie studio which embraces the technology wholeheartedly, then it is the guys at the Virtual Air Guitar Company. Today, Xbox One players are able to grab some of their biggest hits, in one huge bundle.

The Kinect Mega Bundle: 4 in 1 brings together four titles which make the most of Kinect. With Kung-Fu for Kinect, Beatsplosion, Squid Hero and Boom Ball all included, the bundle is a great way for fans of movement to get up and use their body like never before. Now, obviously, you’ll need Kinect – that’s pretty much a gimme – but the only other thing you will need to find is a cool £39.99. If you’ve got both of those things, then head on in and grab the bundle from the Xbox Games Store immediately. It may not represent the biggest saving known to man, but every penny counts!

Make sure you check out our review by hitting the links above too…you may just be surprised at how good these games are.

Bundle Description:

Get the most out of your Kinect with this sweet 4-in-1 bundle!Become the hero in Kung-Fu for Kinect! Smash crystals in time to music in Beatsplosion! Save the world with an adorable squid in Squid Hero! Go ballistic with bouncing balls and exploding cubes in Boom Ball!All games are lovingly crafted with Virtual Air Guitar’s signature Kinect expertise.

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