generation zero tubular vanity pack

Reckon you’re pretty fly and wish to battle it out in a game of cat and mouse against hostile machines while rocking some super colourful gear? You’ll want to grab the latest free Generation Zero DLC.

Available to download free of charge from the Xbox Store is the Generation Zero – Tubular Vanity Pack on Xbox One, and it’ll let you fully embrace the 1980s with four new fashion sets with hairstyles, clothing, accessories and more. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly what a true guerrilla fighter should be concerned with.

So what exactly do you get with this free download? Well, whilst the base game of Generation Zero is all about fighting back against some of the most hostile of machines, as you attempt to cripple and destroy enemies through Swedish sandbox skirmishes, the Tubular Vanity pack forgets all about any sensible form of battle to ensure that you get the chance to become a true Swede and kit yourself out with some rather lovely gear. 

That means you can grab a bright yellow rain jacket to do your fighting in, or slip on some leg warmers, a tennis bandana and break out into a sweat with the Workout set. You can also expect to see more hairspray than you could ever imagine as you are forced to fight back against the machines while still ensuring your hair is kept straight or go rocking the red cheeked/fake freckles look. 

Further still is the inclusion of 6 wacky new emotes, bringing bunny ears, the Chicken Dance, new Aerobic moves or even a bit of an old Rickroll.  Surely you can’t ignore this Tubular Vanity DLC pack for Generation Zero? Isn’t taking down huge hostile beasts more fun when you bring a bit of colour to the show? Well, we certainly wouldn’t be hyping it up should an asking price be attached, instead preferring to enjoy Generation Zero for what it is, but for free, you may as well go and get yourself involved. 

The Xbox Store will do the rest. Just give it a little visit. 

DLC Description:

Time to adorn some colourful retro outfits to celebrate spring in true 80s fashion! With four new sets that you can mix and match as you see fit, these outfit combinations consist of new hairstyles, clothing, accessories and more. On top of that you will get 6 ace new emotes, which let you dance in the fresh spring sun like a true Swede. Timeless Set: Go back to the past with the Timeless set, giving you with all the clothes needed to look like a truly fly guerilla fighter. Grab your stylish vest, put enough hairspray in your hair to bring out its true voluminous potential and grab a weapon. Because if you’re forced to fight off the machines, why not do it with style. Swedish Easter Set: A sign of spring in Sweden is children running around dressed as Easter witches asking for candy. That shouldn’t stop us from dressing the same way to get into the spring spirit, even if society as we know it is gone. Make your cheeks red and rosy, add some fake freckles, put on a feathered hat or scarf and dress up as something straight from old Swedish folklore. Workout Set: Exercising is essential to a balanced life, and no one knew how to train in more spectacular fashion than the people of the 80s. So what if the population has gone missing and you are already running away from hostile machines on a regular basis? Put on your leg warmers, grab that tennis bandana, slap on those bracelets and break into a sweat looking like a true champion with the Workout set. Rainproof Set: For locals, Sweden is oftentimes a dreary and rainy place, requiring you to dress for the weather. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of color to cheer you up, even if it means that you might stick out from your surroundings. Grab your yellow rain jacket, put on your boots and prepare to fight the machines regardless of the weather. Six New Emotes: Grab a boombox and embrace the spring weather with these 6 whacky emotes. Give yourself a pair of bunny ears, cheer to the season, and then begin grooving down to the sick beats using the Rickroll, Chicken Dance, Skip Pop, or Aerobics dance moves.

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