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There’s something absolutely glorious about Thunderful and Megagon Industries’ Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Perhaps it’s the joy of flinging ourselves down a mountain side at tempo, or perhaps it’s just the joyous relaxation that vibes with the visuals. Whatever it is though, it’s a game that needs to be played, even more so as right now it is starting to embrace flower power and the swinging sixties through Season 6. 

Starting today, Season 6 of Lonely Mountains: Downhill on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam will see you able to continue your alpine adventure in style, harnessing the power of flower and working the psychedelic vibes of the swinging sixties. 

The most far out update for Lonely Mountains yet, Season 6 kicks on with the summer of love, allowing you the chance to truly become one with nature. It’ll deliver a whole load of content, with new outfits and accessories bringing about all of the following…

  • Party like it’s 1969 with the Woodstock outfit. 
  • Experience being the legendary headline act with the Jimmy outfit. 
  • Don your flared dungarees and chillax with the Groove outfit. 
  • Spread the love with the Flower Power paint job, giving your bike a funky basket filled with a bouquet and flowers wrapped around your frame. 
  • Two backpacks can be unlocked too! Make love not war with the Peacebag or get in the hippie spirit with the flower Garland – right on, man

But the teams behind Lonely Mountains: Downhill aren’t stopping there and for the first time the trails of Eldfjall Island will be added to the Daily Ride challenges, no matter whether you have previously purchased the DLC or now. These will appear on a Sunday as Season 6 plays out. 

You can find Lonely Mountains: Downhill available right now on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. If you have a copy of the game then we highly advise you fire it up again as Season 6 rolls out. Should you not yet have purchased it, grab a download from your favourite store – the Xbox Store being ours. You’ll find it on Xbox Game Pass too.

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