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We’re no strangers to seeing critically acclaimed games roll from one format to another, but after picking up some serious love on PC and Nintendo Switch in recent times, the minimalist strategic calls of GrizzlyGames’ and Coatsink’s city-builder ISLANDERS Console Edition has made a move onto Xbox and PlayStation. 

It’s easy to see why ISLANDERS has gained such interest. Minimalist yet gorgeous in the artstyle, with an intriguing city-building base rolling around in the background, if you’re in the market for a new strategy title, one that should be just as easy to jump in and out of as it is to go hours-deep, this should be for you. 

Now available to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4, ISLANDERS: Console Edition tasks you with building teeny tiny cities on the most wonderful of islands. Full of colour and complete with simple to use and highly intuitive gameplay mechanics, GrizzlyGames are giving you the opportunity to build and create your own cities in half the time any other city-builder will allow. 

Yep, this is a far cry from the depth of Cities: Skylines for instance, but it promises to be just as intriguing and deep. It starts by giving you a procedurally generated island, pushing your onto anything from the greenest of grasslands to the driest of deserts and the coldest of moutainscapes. From there, you get building, placing structures as you deem fit and allowing your settlements to expand from the smallest of villages up to the largest of cities. 

With objectives to nail, targets to hit and opportunities aplenty, the options here are vast. But fail and well, you’ll be left to kiss goodbye to your hardwork as you start over again. 

Sound good? Well, we were so taken that when the opportunity arose to quiz those at GrizzyGames in order to find out more about ISLANDERS: Console Edition and how it has found a home on Xbox and PlayStation, we absolutely jumped at the chance. Give our exclusive interview with the team a little read.

From there, we reckon you’ll be sold on a purchase and that is where a visit to the Xbox and PlayStation stores will come in handy. You’ll find ISLANDERS: Console Edition available for £4.19 on the Xbox Store.  Keep an eye out for our full review in the days ahead too. Of course, you can play it on Switch and PC through Steam too.

Game Description:

ISLANDERS: Console Edition is the critically acclaimed minimalist strategy game about building cities on colorful islands. Now available on consoles. Explore an infinite number of ever-changing new lands, expand your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. In ISLANDERS: Console Edition, you begin with a blank canvas and a small set of minimalist buildings. Your goal is to populate and enrich each island with your creations, unlocking new buildings as you go by achieving a maximum score. Points are earned by carefully placing each building, being mindful of their surroundings like providing clear access to natural resources and making sure entry isn’t blocked. When you’re ready, you can travel to a new land, exploring Islanders’ stunning new environments along the way, while building bigger, more expansive structures. The more you build, the higher your score will be and the grander city you’ll be able to gaze upon before starting all over again for just one more round.

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