Still enjoying Dynasty Warriors 9? Need something to push the whole one versus thousands experience to the next level? The Additional Scenarios Pack will no doubt help.

Available right now from the Xbox Store for £19.19, the Dynasty Warriors 9 Additional Scenarios Pack does pretty much what it says on the tin, delivering new scenarios, events and actions for four newly playable officers.

That means you’ll see the likes of Xiahouji, Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, and Yuan Shu all ready for action, with each bringing a new scenario that becomes available from the story selection screen.

If you’re one of those who jumped straight in with a purchase of the Deluxe Edition of Dynasty Warriors 9 when it released back in March, then you will already find this content included in your pack. Just make sure you don’t buy it again – trying to get refunds is horrendous.

For more info about the base game, make sure you check out our full review of Dynasty Warriors 9, and if you like what you see, and fancy getting involved with the new characters and scenarios that this Additional Scenarios Pack brings, then the Xbox Store is waiting.

DLC Description:

The NPC officers Xiahouji, Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, and Yuan Shu will be available as playable officers. Scenarios, events, and actions for these characters will also be added. ▼Playable characters: Xiahouji Dong Bai Hua Xiong Yuan Shu ▼How to use the content After installation, the scenarios for each of the characters will be available from the story selection menu. After clearing the scenarios, such scenarios will be available in free mode. Note: This product is included in the Season Pass. Be careful to avoid making a redundant purchase.


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