The intriguing Enigmatis trilogy from Artifex Mundi comes to an end as the final chapter, The Shadow of Karkhala, arrives on Xbox One. Will the preacher finally be caught in this latest hidden object adventure?

We’ve already been to Maple Creek and Ravenwood, hot on the trail of the demonic preacher, but twice now he’s evaded the detective and her partner, Hamilton. It appears that he’s escaped to the remotest of mountains in pursuit of uncovering a secret that could provide him with the ultimate power he desires – there may be no way to stop him if he achieves his goal. You’ll have to use all your detective skills to search hidden object scenes and solve a ton of mini-games to bring the sinister preacher to justice. As always, the many locations you’ll traverse through within the snow-covered Karakorum Mountains will be lovingly hand-drawn.

Those fascinated in witnessing the potential demise of the preacher in Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala on Xbox One should go to the Microsoft Store to make the purchase, where it is priced at £11.99. That said, there is currently a discount in place to celebrate the launch of the game, whilst a free trial is also available.

Further, the Enigmatis Collection is also now ready for purchasing, bringing together the 3 Enigmatis games for one great price – £28.79. If you haven’t played any instalment of the Enigmatis trilogy yet, then be sure to have a read of our reviews of both previous entries to the series – Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek & Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood.

Game Description:

Learn about the finale of the exciting detective series! The demonic preacher has escaped to the remotest mountains in pursuit of a grim secret that could give him ultimate power. He has already eluded the investigation of the protagonist detective and her partner Hamilton twice: once in Maple Creek, and again in Ravenwood. It’s no mystery that this time it’s personal.

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