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Do not adjust your monitor, for there isn’t an actual ‘Tech Glitch’. Fortunately, that’s just the name of the latest old school couch multiplayer game to arrive on Xbox One. So gather a few friends and let’s find out what Tech Glitch is offering in terms of entertainment!

Developed by Daniel Janak, Tech Glitch is a top-down multiplayer game which sees friends and family compete against each other for bragging rights across a total of four game modes. There are seven maps to play on, with each ensuring different experiences ensue; whether you’re traversing the claustrophobic maze or the collapsing islands. It wouldn’t be much fun without a selection of power-ups, but fear not because they’re part of the experience too, providing speed boosts and the like to elevate excitement levels. 

One thing’s for sure with Tech Glitch, its old school vibe means mistakes will be costly and the game isn’t over until the clock stops ticking. There’s always time for a spectacular comeback, until there isn’t of course!

Should a couch multiplayer game be what you’re looking to add to your library at the moment, Tech Glitch is available for the relatively small price of £4.19 from the Xbox Store. Do you think it’ll manage to keep your friends and family busy next time you get together for some gaming? Get in touch via the comments section below or by reaching out to one of our many social media channels. 

Game Description:

An old school couch multiplayer game. Get your friends and compete against each other. Multiple game modes? Check. Many maps? Check. Power-Ups! Check. This old school local multiplayer game will not forgive you for any mistakes. Nothing is decided until the clocks stop ticking. You can always flip the tables and win spectacularly.

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