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After seeing the Setra Bus Pack make a stop at the Xbox One marketplace as recent as last week, bus driving enthusiasts have yet another selection of buses to consider, courtesy of the Bus Simulator Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1. There’s not one, not two, but three new vehicles that could be yours.

When you’re picking up passengers in Seaside Valley, you might as well do it in style and there’s seldom anything more stylish than the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 for Bus Simulator includes three brand new, and licensed, vehicles. So let’s delve further into exactly what the price of £4.99 gets you from the Xbox Store and which buses you can be cruising around in.

Firstly is the five -door Mercedes-Benz CapaCity, boasting 44 seats and coming in at a length of 19.73 metres. If you prefer your buses to be a bit bigger, then there is the five-door CapaCity L, which has 45 seats and is 21 metres long – making it Europe’s most spacious single-articulated city bus. The third and final addition is the 12.1 metre, three-door, 33-seater Citaro O 530; a much-requested, maneuverable and flexible city bus. 

That’s a pretty good trio, eh? Well, should the Bus Simulator Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 be enticing enough to own, we’d love to know what you think of it.

DLC Description:

Attention all Seaside Valley bus drivers! Do you want to upgrade your fleet – preferably with brand-new buses? Have you been eagerly anticipating new Mercedes-Benz models? Then this is the perfect expansion pack for you! This Bus Simulator DLC includes three new buses licensed from Mercedes-Benz! The 5-door Mercedes Benz CapaCity boasts 44 seats and a length of 19.73 meters. For those who prefer an even longer bus, there is the 5-door CapaCity L. Boasting 45 seats and a proud length of 21 meters, it is Europe’s most spacious single-articulated city bus. The Mercedes Benz Bus Pack 1 also includes a 12.1-meter, 3-door, 33-seater Citaro O 530 – a maneuverable and flexible city bus, which has been requested by the community many times and which is now making its way into the game. This Bus Simulator DLC requires the main game. Expand your Bus Simulator game experience with the Mercedes-Benz Bus Pack 1 DLC and access 3 unique buses for your fleet.

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