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Whether it’s a game that you particularly enjoy or not, you’ve got to give it to Dovetail Games for the immersion and in-depth detail that they have provided to their Train Sim World franchise. After first building out the original game to extreme levels, since launch of Train Sim World 2 in August 2020, things have been taken to another notch up with a host of stunning DLC packages. Dovetail aren’t done with yet either and today they are giving railway fanatics the chance to head to Switzerland, in order to take in some of the most stunning Swiss scenery with the Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur – Arosa DLC. 

Present and correct as the latest downloadable content pack for Train Sim World, Arosalinie: Chur – Arosa DLC looks to be a thing of sheer beauty. But as always you probably won’t get the chance to sit back and take it all in as you are left grinding the rails of the Arosalinie. 

Dated back to 1914, the Arosalinie is the pinnacle of rail engineering, utilising multiple hairpin bends, worming through various mountainside tunnels as it snakes through the Swiss countryside. Running from Chur to Arosa, this electrified, metre gauge railway line winds its way through the picturesque Schanfigg valley, providing essential travel connections for those around the area. 

With this DLC you’ll not just get to run the lines, but will find yourself placed in charge of the classic RhB Ge 4/4 II electric loco. As always with Train Sim World 2, it’ll be up to you to utilise this locomotive’s power to ensure you stick to the timetable given, climbing and descending through the land as you go. 

A far cry from the London Underground that got everyone so excited when Train Sim World 2 launched and even the opportunity to head to the Isle of Wight, if ever there was some scenery to enjoy, it is here and now with this Arosalinie pack. 

You’ll find the Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie: Chur – Arosa DLC available from the usual digital stores for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Our favourite is that of the Xbox Store. You don’t have to agree. 

DLC Description:

Experience nail-biting gradients, stunning Swiss scenery and classic motive power with Rivet Games’ Train Sim World 2: Arosalinie! From Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, to the summer and winter resorts at Arosa, the Arosalinie dates back to 1914 and represents the ultimate in rail engineering. With the use of numerous hairpin turns and mountainside tunnels, this electrified, metre gauge railway line winds its way through the picturesque Schanfigg valley and offers vital connections for locals, is used to transport resources, and is popular with tourists. Take control of the classic RhB Ge 4/4 II electric locomotive, manage your speed and stick the timetable as you climb or descend over a kilometre in elevation, slowly drive through the streets of Chur and marvel at the grand Langwieser Viaduct.

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