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You know what we don’t need more of? Metroidvanias. Swing a cat around the Microsoft Store and you’re bound to hit a dozen. But wait! Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption has a few ideas and an art design that should mean it’s a Metroidvania worth hitting.

Let’s go for the obvious first. Digiton has its look nailed. This is a platformer that looks like it’s jumped out of the Virtual Boy’s back catalogue. That might sound like an insult, but it’s absolutely not: each level opts for one or two colours against a black background, and then a metric ton of chromatic aberration is shovelled on top to make it look like you’re watching a CRT TV. It’s catnip to us and we love it. 

Then there’s the world of Digiton, which has been overrun by demons and their Demon Lords. They’re an unfathomably ugly bunch, making this an occasionally Giger-like romp through a Spectrum-looking title. The mix of simple colours and grotesque characters works a treat.

To complete the trilogy of reasons why we’re actually interested in this one, Digiton: Heart of Corruption looks like it’s having fun with its gameplay. Like a belated sequel to Kid Chameleon or Majora’s Mask, you collect masks that switch up your abilities, so you’re looking for the best loadout for your given situation. There’s also an emphasis on swift, twitchy combat, and it looks an absolute beast to beat. We’re preparing our whiny complaints about the level of difficulty already.

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption isn’t a small title, and there’s a big world to explore here, all ably mapped so you can backtrack to places that you haven’t explored yet. 

Key features include:

  • Explore a vast pixel art world in metroidvania style!
  • Jump, dash and defend to survive enemies and environmental hazards.
  • Unlock abilities by equipping masks, each with a unique appearance.
  • Slay the demon lords in epic boss battles!
  • Discover secrets hidden throughout the underground kingdom

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £6.69 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. 

Game Description:

Free a subterranean kingdom from death and ruin! Nested in the hollow husk of a desolate world lies the kingdom of Digiton. Once a prosperous, technologically advanced society, the kingdom fell into ruin through greed and lust for power. This led to the rise of four demon lords who now hold dominion over the vast underground cityscapes, icy valleys, intricate mines and lush mushroom forests of Digiton. Take the role of one of Digiton’s few survivors. Armed with only a shield and tasked with banishing the demon lords, it’s up to you to explore the dark mysteries of the corrupted kingdom and restore its former glory. Uncover long-hidden secrets, and discover the truth behind the enigma known as an AHAB unit.

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