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With rhythmic experiences like Double Kick Heroes and AVICII Invector proving there’s still a market for this genre, developers Ichigoichie have arrived with their turntables in hand. That’s right, Hexagroove: Tactical DJ has just launched on Xbox One and it’s time to raise the roof!

Looking to combine elements of strategy, rhythm, and action games, Hexagroove: Tactical DJ could be a rather unique blend. As a DJ, you must wow the audience by creating musical loops that keep their energy levels sky high. Helping them achieve the ultimate euphoria is possible through using your own artistic skills and pieces of music spanning the entire dance spectrum. You can also team up with friends and family locally, enabling four players to get the party started.

It features content from Japan, Sweden, and the Netherlands, courtesy of Mr. YT (Yuji Takenouchi), Legowelt, CYLON, Runners Club 95, no. 9, DÉ DÉ MOUSE, Big Skapinksy, and many more. With such a varied selection, there are plenty of combinations to mix together.

So if the frenetic dance industry sounds like music to your ears and you fancy a pop at being a DJ, head over to the Xbox Store to purchase Hexagroove: Tactical DJ for £29.24. You never know, you might be the next David Guetta or Steve Aoki. Feel free to let us know how well you get on and how popular your mixes are, or not, by leaving a comment below.

Game Description:

Hexagroove combines elements of strategy, rhythm, and action games in a unique blend of self-expression. Your goal as a DJ is to combine musical loops in real time to regulate a virtual audience’s energy, working them into a state of euphoria with your artistic skills. The action swings from contemplative to frantic as you move between song sections in one of ten dance music genres. Over time you’ll unlock new musical loops, DJ tricks, and club venues to play in. Perform together with friends in your room or on the dance floor with this truly creative title. WINNER: BEST GAME AUDIO BALTIC SEA GAMES AWARD

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