It’s been a while since Kintaro’s Revenge was originally exacted in Gekido Advance, but now it’s got a new lease of life on the Xbox One with the revamped Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge. There are a few new features this time!

Something strange is going on in a farming village just outside the city, so the ancient master of Shin-Ken, Ushi, sends his disciple Tetsuo to investigate what’s happening and deal with any presence of evil there. That’s the story of this classic brawler, reminiscent of games like Double Dragon, and now the whole thing can be played in co-op locally. It’ll feature brand new cutscenes as well as two new game modes too; a Survival mode which sees you punching and kicking to fight hordes of enemies, and a rogue-like Relic Hunter mode, tasking you with exploring procedurally generated dungeons in order to find relics.

Those wishing to get stuck into some brawling action can do so right away by purchasing Gekido Kintaro’s Revenge for Xbox One from the Microsoft Store, where it’s currently priced at £11.99. Will you be grabbing it and kicking the heck out of baddies today, or is it not really a game that’s for you? Get in touch via all of the usual means as we love to hear your thoughts!

Game Description:

A year has passed since the epic battle that decided the fate of mankind and claimed the life of the beloved Angela. Dark omens once again tell of the return of an evil presence. Ushi is the last remaining master of the ancient art of Shin-Ken, and he calls upon Tetsuo, his disciple and adopted son, to investigate some strange happenings in a faraway farming village outside the city.

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