Light Fairytale Episode 2 Xbox

It might not mean much to those that never played Episode I but there is a massive cliffhanger that fans have been eager to find out what happens. Well, wait no longer as Light Fairytale Episode 2 is finally here on Xbox and PC.

Following on from that cliff-hanger, Haru once again returns along with newcomer Ayake to explore the Deeplands and the mysteries held within. They encounter a mysterious silver haired female who doesn’t look too dissimilar to another character in a game: the Outrun inspired Super Night Riders. Are we uncovering a shared universe?

If you played the original Light Fairytale then you will know that these 90s inspired JRPGs are real throwback to the genre’s heyday. If you missed the first episode, stop right here and go and play it. Or, read the review of the first game here.

You wont have long to wait for our review of the second instalment either. If you want to jump straight in though, Light Fairytale Episode 2 is available to download right now on the Xbox Store priced at £8.39. Be quick and you can even grab it at a discount, down to just £6.71. Let us know in the comments whether you will be picking this JRPG love letter up or not.

Game Description

– About this series Light Fairytale is a turn-based Japanese-style RPG series set in a dying underground world ruled by an evil empire. The goal of this project is to bring back the immersion and emotion of 90’s era JRPGs on current platforms with the expected evolution in both design and technique. Each episode is a standalone game, approximately 3 hours long for a first play-through, double it for a full completion of all the achievements and secrets. – About this episode Episode 2 resumes the adventure right after last episode’s cliffhanger. Play as Haru and Ayaka as they uncover the mysteries of the Deeplands while looking for a way to reunite with Kuroko, meeting with a mysterious silver haired girl along the way. – Characters Ayaka: A beautiful woman who likes taking care of the almost extinct ‘flowers’. Mysterious Girl: A cryptic, silver haired girl with fierce words and deeds hiding a fragile heart. – About (neko dot works) is a one person indie game studio from France making modern renditions of classic concepts.

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