subject 13

Whenever we see the words ‘traditional adventure game’, we become intrigued. Throw in a mysterious universe, plenty of secrets and a whole load of analysing opportunities and we’re more than up for the challenge. Subject 13 therefore appeals. Massively.

Available to download right now on Xbox One, Subject 13 comes with just two goals – escape the prison of your past and find out why you were captured in the first place. With an original story line pushing things along, complex enigmas and a mysterious atmosphere, Subject 13 is an intriguing idea. When you combine that with a price tag that never pushes beyond £5.59, then that intrigue and enthusiasm reaches new levels.

What is Subject 13 all about? Well, you’ll only ever really find out by hitting the Xbox Games Store and getting a purchase in.

Game Description:

WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THE PRISON OF YOUR PAST?SUBJECT 13 is a traditional adventure game developed by Paul Cuisset (“Flashback”, “Future Wars” and “Moto Racer”) in partnership with Microïds. It portrays a mysterious universe filled with secret hiding places and a whole range of mechanisms that players will have to discover, analyze and activate. You will take on the role of Franklin Fargo, a discreet Physics teacher. He leads a lonely and bitter life after the death of his fiancée, Sophie, killed during a hold-up in which he was the intended target. One morning, he wakes up in the heart of an abandoned underground scientific complex, with just one link to the outside world: a voice referring to him as “SUBJECT 13”. His goal is to escape this place and discover why he was captured.In SUBJECT 13, you will travel from a decommissioned secret base to an unknown island and other locations to be explored. The game focuses on object manipulation and puzzle solving. You will need to keep your wits about you and your eyes open if you want to take up the challenge.HIGHLIGHTS• An adventure game loyal to tradition• An original storyline• Progressive levels of difficulty• Complex and varied enigmas• Its mysterious atmosphere


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