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We can all lament the choices that protagonists make in horror games. But would we be able to confidently say we would act any differently? I ask because there are a few questionable choices made in Circus Pocus at the very beginning that put two brothers into a very awkward situation. Those cannot be affected when you play, but you can at least try and avoid a future spent living with clowns. Help them survive the night in Circus Pocus on Xbox and PlayStation today.

Walking through woods late at night is never going to end well. But what happens when you see a large, big top in the middle of those woods? Obviously, you should run in the opposite direction. Questionable choice number one though is the fact the two brothers head towards it. Now, one of them is captured and the other one has to rescue him from a horde of killer clowns.

Questionable choice number two is whether to go lone wolf or run and get help from the police. The uncaptured brother decides to go one man army on these crazy clowns and ends up getting into heaps of trouble.

Circus Pocus is a top-down action-adventure game. Escape the clutches of these clowns through solving puzzles, sneaking past them or, when that fails, strike them with a baton. Let’s hope your brother appreciates the effort you’ve gone into.

These aren’t the only clowns to have appeared on the Xbox Store recently. There are killer clowns to be found in Death Park and Death Park 2.

Circus Pocus is available to download now priced at £4.19 on the Xbox Store. I shouldn’t need to tell you but anyone who suffers from coulrophobia would do themselves a favour by not clicking on that link. Stay tuned for a review coming soon.

Game description

Two brothers are lost in the dark and grim woods, and they accidentally stumble across the abandoned circus. Suddenly they are both attacked by a group of crazed clowns, and one of the brothers got captured. There’s only way to get out of troubles for the second boy — to escape the damned woods and call the police, right? Nope, wrong — you see, our hero is not the sharpest tool in the shed. That’s why he decides to save his brother on his own, and travels deep into the woods where he would only find grave danger and inevitable coulrophobia.

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