ride 4 bonus pack 09

At some point in time Milestone Studios are going to quit on expanding their brilliant motorcycle racer, RIDE 4. But until that time, we’ll continue to adore the free content that keeps coming our way – just like it is with Bonus Pack 09. 

The RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 09 is, as if you hadn’t guessed – the ninth freebie to come to the motorcycle racer since launch. And just like the deal with other packs that have arrived – we particularly liked Bonus Pack 04 and the chance to ride the Honda CBR 300R – this time around we see another free bike and event join the roster. 

Bonus Pack 09 is a good one too, with access given to the stunning Mr Martini Ducati Flashback II (2015) – there’s no getting away from the fact that many gamers and leatherclad lovers will want to be found pinging this beast down every straight they can find. 

Further to that though, and again just like previous packs, the free Bonus Pack 09 throws in five additional events too, giving rhyme and reason behind grabbing this pack. 

With Milestone having also given out tons of other DLC packs – both paid and free – there is little to not love about the whole RIDE 4 experience. For now though you can grab the latest Bonus Pack 09 from the Xbox Store if you’re riding on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. You should also find it on PS4 and PC. 

As always though let us know if this is the content type you are looking for in RIDE 4. Have Milestone covered your favourite bikes? Are you looking forward to even more free content further down the line? Let us know in the comments below or through the usual social channels.

DLC Description:

Download the Bonus Pack 09 and expand your gaming experience with 1 new exclusive bike and 5 events.

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