We’ve already had a couple of new additions to the Xbox Game Pass this month, but now it’s been revealed that even more Xbox One games are incoming during the rest of December. There’s a little bit of something for everyone…

Chances are you’ll have already gotten stuck into this month’s latest offerings of Strange Brigade and Mutant Year Zero, however there are some potentially cracking games still to come. The likes of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, bringing a realistic football experience and a variety of modes; Below, an adventure within a terrarium full of cunning wildlife and deadly traps; the beautiful and heart-warming platformer that is Ori and the Blind Forest; and Spintires: Mudrunner, delivering off-road action in the harsh wilderness of Siberia.

Check out the full list of games you can expect to find joining the Xbox Game Pass library between today and the end of December 2018:

We can all agree that there’s a decent amount of quality games heading into the Xbox Game Pass library in December, but which of them stand out the most for you? Get in touch and let us know by leaving a comment below or messaging us on any of our social media platforms!

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