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It’s hard not to make comparisons in the case of Smart Moves. Watch the trailer and you’ll spot the influences: Crypt of the Necrodancer (and Cadence of Hyrule) and Fairune are definitely in there. This is a fantasy game where every step triggers enemies to move, and it takes on the aspect of a puzzle game as you evade enemies while clearing chests. Smart Moves makes a calculated boogie onto Xbox One today.

Already having slid onto PC, rather than the Zelda-like worlds of the games we mentioned, Smart Moves goes for more of a traditional puzzler approach. Level by level, you’ll be working through escalating difficulties and a broader range of enemies. It’ll be interesting to see how much gets lost – or gained – by dragging the world out of this fantasy game. Find out soon in our review.

Looking at trailers and screenies, there’s a fair amount of variety in the levels. It’s not just killing and chest-raiding that gets you through. A helpful hint is scrawled across the top of the level to give you that guiding hand, in case the objective eludes you.

Will this outstep Crypt of the Necrodancer? Find out by playing Smart Moves now on Xbox One for £4.19. It’s also out on PC via Steam

Game Description:

“Smart Moves” is a puzzle with a strong roguelike feel. Different worlds with levels of increasing difficulty, sneaky monsters, unexpected obstacles and great treasures await you. Smart moves are the key to survival! “Smart moves” is a combination of puzzle and turn-based roguelike mechanics. Destroy monsters, open chests! The hero can attack monsters when both are standing on neighboring squares. Avoid being the first at a distance of impact! The hero can’t skip turns, but can use level objects – or other monsters – to “skip” the turn. Every game level is a puzzle with its own logical solution. You have to discover and learn how objects interact with each other in the game world. You get a new playing experience where game mechanics are of maximum importance. Original art style included.

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