Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the biggest video games of all time. Available across a range of devices, this first-person shooter game offers thrilling gameplay and a lot of additional, profitable, features too.

One of these is additional features is skin gambling. Skin gambling is common in a lot of video games, from FIFA to DOTA 2. However, it’s CS:GO skin gambling specifically which has proved to quite controversial.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at exactly what CS:GO skin gambling entails, whether or not it’s legal, and why it’s caused a scandal in the gaming world.

What is CS:GO Skin Gambling?

Skin gambling is actually pretty self-explanatory; it describes the act of using gaming skins to bet on the outcome of eSport matches.

So, for CS:GO players, this would mean using popular CS:GO skins to back different CS:GO teams, or to bet on the outcomes of popular CS:GO tournaments.

What is a CS:GO Skin?

A skin, in gaming terms, is simply a term used to describe virtual goods and cosmetic gaming items. In 2013, CS:GO’s ‘Arms Deal’ update introduced a range of cosmetic items, such as different weapons and paint effects for existing guns and knives.

Since this update, skins have become sought after. Many CS:GO players collect rarer skins to show how serious they are about the game and how long they have been playing.

Why Was CS:GO Gambling Controversial?

The main problem with CS:GO skin gambling is that it’s still fairly unregulated. Whilst there are several great CS:GO betting sites which hold official gambling licences, many skin gambling operations are a little shadier and, as such, relatively unsafe.

In addition, CS:GO skin gambling has been criticized for enabling underage players to participate in online betting. Many CS:GO skin gambling third party websites allow players to gamble their skins on real casino games, such as video slots, poker and blackjack, without a proper identification process.

Both of these things have seriously harmed the reputation of CS:GO skin gambling and, whilst skin gambling at licensed sites is still legal, its likely that new legislation will come into place around who can skin gamble, and where. CS:GO Skin Gambling Alternatives

One of the biggest problems with CS:GO skin gambling is that skins don’t have a set value. For instance, you could gamble away a skin tomorrow, only for it to turn out that that skin is fairly rare, and therefore very valuable.

Below we’ve listed a few alternatives to CS:GO skin gambling, so that you can rest assured you’re always betting in a way which is legit and secure.

Use a Real Form of Payment

As we’ve just mentioned, as skin values change, betting with your skins can be problematic. To combat this, you should place bets using real money, via a legit payment method. This may mean placing CS:GO eSports bets with your credit/debit card or with an e-wallet service.

Only Ever Visit Licenced Skin Gambling Sites

If you really want to use your CS:GO skins to gamble with, then it’s imperative that you make sure you are betting at a licenced skin gambling outlet. This ensures that your transactions are safe, secure and regulated.

Bet at Real Mobile Casinos and Sportsbooks

If you are using your skins to place eSports bets, then the good news is that nowadays, many of the world’s biggest sportsbooks offer these kinds of markets. This means you can place eSports bets with a reputable and legitimate brand.

Moreover, if you are using skins to play casino games, you can forego this in favour of mobile and online casinos. Online casino gaming has never been more popular and there’s hundreds of great sites around.

Before you do sign up to a mobile or online casino, however, be sure to check out a comparison site like These sites allow you to see the benefits of each casino and what bonuses you can pick up for choosing them.