Who doesn’t love World of Warcraft? As far as we are concerned, there is no doubt that it is the greatest MMORPG ever made. With the recent release of Shadowlands, a lot of new changes and updates have happened. But the thing we were most excited about were the battle pets!

Battle Pets have been around in World of Warcraft for a decade. In that time, the pet battling system has only gotten better. Now, with Shadowlands, it is better than ever. Every update introduces new monsters and pets to choose from, and keeping up with the meta becomes a complete necessity. 

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Introduction to WoW Pet Battles

If you have ever played Pokemon, you know the thrill of trying to catch them all. Battle Pets in World of Warcraft serve quite a similar purpose. To this end, there are hundreds of pets to choose from. Deciding which one is best for you means studying their stats and abilities.

The stats for each pet are divided into health, speed, and power. In this article, we will take a look at the best battle pets you can find and tame on your journey across Azeroth and beyond. Without further ado, let us get started.

Anubisath Idol

The Anubisath Idol packs quite a punch. This lupine beast is a humanoid companion, hailing from an ancient empire in Ahn’Qiraj. At level 25, this thing has 1725 health, 276 power, and 244 speed. That low speed means that it will never really be able to go first, but it will always hit harder than most.

For its slot 1 abilities, you have a choice between Crush, which grants you an advantage against Dragonkin, and Demolish, which gives you an advantage against Beasts. For slot 2, you can choose the Sandstorm ability, giving an advantage against Aquatic or the Stoneskin buff. Slot 3 options include the Deflection buff, and Rupture, with an advantage against Mechanical.

It also has a Humanoid passive ability that heals the user when they do some damage. Given its low speed, your best bet is to set up Deflection first before wading into battle.


Graves is a hoot. He’s a three-headed zombie pet created for the Heroes of the Storm promo package. He’s an Undead type and packs 1587 health, 297 power, and 244 speed at level 25. Graves is super effective against Humanoid types, and he has a whole slew of skills to back him up.

For the first slot, you get to choose between Skull Toss and Consume, both of which are good against Humanoids. For slot 2, choose between BONESTORM and Grave Destruction. Again, these are both good against Humanoids. Finally, for slot 3, you get to choose between Clobber and Consume buffs.

As an Undead, Graves has a passive skill that allows him to return to life for one round after he dies. But if he does so, he will do way less damage.

Servant of Demidos

Looting Demidos in the Darenor version of Shadowmoon Valley might grant you the services of a Servant of Demidos, one of the many servants created by Demidos to attend to the other Void Lords. As a Magic type servant, this thing is hugely powerful. Maxed out, this pet has 1197 health, 260 speed, and a truly monstrous 366 power! 

Now, for the skills! For the first slot, you have either Magic Sword or Arcane Explosion – both of which are effective against Flying opponents. For slot 2, there’s Clean-Up, with an advantage against Flying, and Sophon Anima, with an advantage against Beast. For the third slot, there’s Lightning Shield with its inherent effectiveness against Mechanical and Soulrush, effective against Flying.

Additionally, due to its Magic typing, this pet gets a passive ability that does not allow it to take more than 35% of their health in damage in a single attack. This will keep it in battle for far longer.

Magma Rageling

In Ulduar, from the forge of Ignis the Furnace Master comes the Magma Rageling. This little elemental is a firecracker of a pet, with 1237 health, 260 speed, and 357 power. Its power is representative of the role the Magma Rageling plays in its effort to preserve the balance between flames and frost.

As far as skills are concerned, the first skill slot is a toss-up between Flamethrower and Magma Wave, both of which will melt Mechanicals to nothing. Flame Jet and Fire Shield are your options for slot 2, again with an advantage against Mechanicals. For the third slot, your choices are Volcano and Magma Trap, geared towards the destruction of Mechanicals.

The Magma Rageling is an Elemental. This means that as a passive ability, it can completely ignore negative weather effects!

If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then you want to collect the best pets you can. This list should get you started. Happy hunting!