pumped bmx pro xbox one launch

If you are looking for the upper echelon of cartoonish, fast-paced biking action then you’ll be glad to hear that today Pumped BMX Pro is found to be hitting the virtual shelves!

15 riders, 40 tricks, 60 wacky levels, 200-odd challenges? There is a ton to do in Pumped BMX Pro, and the way you will be getting through most of the content is by letting your hair down and blasting through a number of 2D environments, pulling off all manner of tricks and stunts as you race past the finish line in as quick a time as you can muster, and looking your ultimate best doing it!

Much like many of the BMX titles readily available, the popular Trials series springs to mind with Pumped BMX Pro, just this time momentum is a huge factor in not just how your bike will move in the air, but how easy it will be to combo your movements together. Only through understanding the momentum system will you be able to master Pumped BMX Pro, especially when you get to those particularly tricky later levels.

Away from the hallowed tracks, and the detailed bike creator will allow you to make a vehicle from the bare bones to use in the levels; if the original set aren’t up to scratch. Global leaderboards are also in place which measure your points gained from trick combos – it’s perfect for fueling that ‘one more go’ attitude that lives within all of us.

If you would like to pick up Pumped BMX Pro then you can do so on Xbox One, PC or Switch – it’s currently £9.59 on the former (but that does include a launch discount from the usual £11.99) and the Xbox Store will happily give up the goods. But if you are a proud Xbox Game Pass subscriber, then even better news is that the game is now also part of the program, so it is available to download for free.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming review of Pumped BMX Pro on Xbox One. It’ll be with you pretty damn soon, but we’re seriously hoping for a game that builds on the already decent Pumped BMX+.

Game Description:

Pumped BMX Pro puts you back on the seat for another high adrenaline, fast-paced trickathon where chaining massive combos could put you at the number one spot on the global leaderboards. Pump your way through 60 levels of ever increasing difficulty, making sure you’re racking up those platinum medals by completing Trick Challenges along the way. Choose from 15 riders with predesigned bikes, or get creative and design your own in the easy to use bike designer. Pumped BMX Pro features; – 15 characters, each with their own spectacular bike! – 40+ radical tricks, from outrageous spins to insane grinds! – Over 200 challenges, each harder than the last! – 60 beautifully designed levels, from high top mountains to swampy depths! – Ragdoll physics, just in case you miss the ramp!

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