lego dc super villains dc movies character pack

What’s a roster without the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? Nothing, that’s what, which is why the arrival of the latest DC icons into the world of LEGO DC Super-Villains is a more than welcome one.

Following on from the arrival of the Aquaman and DC TV Series Super Heroes and Super Villains content packs comes another smattering of characters to LEGO DC Super-Villains, with those found in the DC Movies Character Pack more than capable of holding their own.

Coming with a super cheap price point – seriously, £1.59 is nothing when you get the chance to include these guys in your game – the DC Movies Character Pack does pretty much what it says on the tin… delivers some of the most famous, most iconic characters from the DC movies to LEGO DC Super-Villains.

As hinted at the start of these piece, that sees the likes of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all included, with three further additions complementing them well – The Flash, Deathstroke and Cyborg are also included.

Should you be sitting there struggling to find your favourite character in the roster of LEGO DC Super-Villains, then the addition of this cheap pack may well be able to settle your mind. In order to get this little lot added to your game you will just need to visit your local digital store and get a purchase in. We advise hitting up the Xbox Store, but those on PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC may have other plans.

Whatever system and format you are gaming on though, if you are down with the DC world and are looking to push on once more with what LEGO DC Super-Villains has to offer, then a purchase of the LEGO DC Movies Character Pack is quite possibly a bit of a no-brainer.

Will you be purchasing it? Does the inclusion of the Man of Steel or the Caped Crusader swing it? Let us know in the comments.

DLC Description:

Download now to get access to the DC Movies Character Pack! Expand your character roster with the DC Movies Character Pack. Play as your favorite characters from DC’s exciting cinematic universe. This character pack includes: • Batman • Wonder Woman • The Flash • Deathstroke • Superman • Cyborg


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