the sims 4 decor to the max

If you are one of those Sims aficionados who mustn’t do without the latest Sims 4 content pack, then be prepared to spend the cash today as the Décor to the Max Kit goes live, promising enough decorations to ensure your wallet runs empty of Simoleans.

Releasing now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC platforms, this expansion pack allows you to liven up your Sims homes with a ton of new décor options, with a particular focus on the bright and the bold. The additions made here will be perfect for adding a bit of colour to brighten up the lives of your Sims.

And in a similar vein, the friendliness just keeps on coming as EA have also updated the Neighborhood Stories system that Sims fans have come to love. This system first came about in November 2021 and adds some life to the NPC Sims outside of your main household, as previously they were more of a fodder just to give your Sims some interaction. Now, however, as the title suggests your neighbors live exciting lives of their own, and the new updates to this system enables neighbors to fall pregnant, adopt a child, and adopt a pet (provided you have the Cats and Dogs expansion, of course). 

The sadistic team at EA have also invented some brand new ways for your happy-go-lucky neighbors to kick the bucket too, and this all depends on their Age, Traits and Career – just like real life!

Your neighbors go about all this entirely in the background, perhaps with no input from your own Sims. However, if you want to nose about and get the lowdown on the Smith family from across the street, the handy ‘Check Recent Neighborhood Stories’ function will keep you up to date.

All players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC will receive the updates to Neighborhood Stories free of charge, whereas the Décor to the Max Kit will require some real-life cash to be spent. On Xbox, that’ll be £4.99, and the best place to look is the Xbox Store.

DLC Description:

Elevate any basic living room to instantly inspirational with the expressive, eclectic pieces in The Sims™ 4 Decor to the Max Kit*! Bold, bright decor takes center stage in this collection, making it easy to lean into maximalism design principles with a little bit of everything.

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