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Love a bit of off-road racing? You’ll want to keep an eye on the development of Overpass before it releases on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020 – and today Bigben have delivered further details as to how things will pan out, alongside a brand new trailer.

Being developed by Zordix Racing, with Bigben holding the publishing rights, Overpass is a new off-road simulation that comes with a unique and innovative concept, ensuring it’ll be of huge interest to fans of motorsport and extreme driving.

Overpass centres the action around 25 buggies and quads from big-name manufacturers – think the likes of Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and Suzuki – before tasking players to negotiate scree slopes, steep inclines and various obstacles found on extreme off-road and technically challenging tracks. There will be 40 routes included when the game hits Xbox One, PS4 and PC in February 2020, with varied terrain and environments in place. This means there will be a whole new challenge found in each race, and no matter whether it involves hillclimbing or rock-crawling, the aim is the same – to complete the race in the best time possible.

Bigben and Zordix are promising realistic and technical level designs, combined with an advanced physics engine which will make for an even greater challenge. Expect to find mud, sand, rocks, natural and man-made obstacles in place and so you’ll need to choose a vehicle best suited to the selected track, before adapting your driving style and understanding that speed is not always the answer.

Whether you are a veteran of the scene, or a complete and utter newbie, Overpass will allow for expert control of acceleration, wise use of the transmission and differentials, and knowing when to shift from two to four-wheel drive, all in order to master an off-road victory. There will be multiple game modes too – with the likes of Career, Quick Race, Local Multiplayer (split screen and hotseat) and Online Multiplayer with up to eight players, all present.

For now, check out the Gamescom trailer for Overpass below and then hold tight for the game launch on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Feb 2020.


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