vermintide 2 outcast engineer dlc

When Warhammer: Vermintide 2 launched in 2018, the new Careers were among the best new features as they provided additional character classes and offered different skills to use as a result. By now, you’re probably in need of a fresh way to tackle the Chaos and Skaven hordes, right? Well, as luck would have it, developers Fatshark have just released the Bardin Outcast Engineer DLC career for Vermintide 2 on Xbox One!

The Outcast Engineer DLC will allow you to enjoy a new role for the Dwarven Ranger, Bardin Goreksson. Dwarfs are seen to be traditional people, blindly trusting the wisdom of their ancestors and their aged longbeards rather than any new ideas or innovation. Their traditionalism carries through to everything dwarfs do, including their engineering, and perhaps this is why dwarfs are the finest engineers in the world. Hence, it makes perfect sense to introduce this as a new career, which features a new talent tree and skills to explore.

Armed with the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun and the enhanced grenades from the Utility Belt, Bardin is lethal as you look to blast through the incoming waves of enemies. Aside from his assorted gadgetry, the Outcast Engineer also comes with all-new weapons like the Masterwork Pistol and Cog Hammer, as well as a variety of cosmetics to unlock. The following items are available to unlock through completing Okri’s Challenges:

  • 3 New Masterwork Pistol Illusions
  • 3 New Cog Hammer Illusions
  • 3 New Hero Skin Color Variations
  • 2 New Helmets
  • 3 New Portrait Frames
  • 6 Exclusive Keep Paintings

In order to branch out with the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Outcast Engineer career, simply pay the fee of £7.39 via the Xbox Store. If you’re a PlayStation owner, you’ll have to wait until 16th February to get your hands on it!

DLC Description:

The Outcast Engineer might not be an Engineers Guild graduate, but no less lethal – armed as he is with an array of experimental weaponry. His unmatched use of heavy machinery together with his assorted gadgets makes him a master of utility, blasting down anything, or anyone, in his path. • Blast your way through waves of enemies with the grenades from your Utility Belt and the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II). • Embrace your heritage with an exclusive character skin & voice lines. • Wield personalized, all-new weapons: Masterwork Pistol and Cog Hammer. • Enhance your bombs through the Outcast Engineers’ unique talent tree. • Show your true vocation through the new exclusive Engineer Cosmetics. With the Outcast Engineer, you receive two Hero Skin Color Variation, two Masterwork Pistol Illusion, two Cog Hammer Illusion from the start, and access to unlockable cosmetics for your Outcast Engineer.

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