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What with the incredible pace technology is advancing at in the current day, it’s not impossible to theorise of a virtual world taking precedence over our real one – a la Ready Player One or Cyberpunk 2077. In Danger!Energy from devs SaintHeiser, it is the virtual world of Santermonia that is attempting to become completely independent from the real world, and it’s up to the legendary Captain Faust to put a stop to this.

Present on PC platforms since 2018, Danger!Energy is now venturing onto Xbox, bringing its puzzles and dystopian world to the masses. The plot follows a Captain Faust, who has been tasked with integrating Santermonia into the real world, despite Santermonia wishing to exist as a completely virtual entity. Faust cannot let this be, and must follow in the footsteps of captains before him, in preventing Santermonia from getting too big for its boots.

What this translates to in a gameplay sense is the player taking part in 80 puzzles across five distinct themes, each with their own unique additions to the key formula. This key formula in question comes in the form of puzzles in which you must draw a path to connect all of the nodes in a level, before progressing to the next.

Primary features of Danger!Energy include:

  • Puzzle game about connecting the nodes with lines
  • Dystopian futuristic storyline
  • Abstract charismatic characters
  • Five sets of themed locations with their unique gameplay features
  • About 80 brain-breaking levels

With some truly quirky characters to engage with, breaking up the core puzzle gameplay, Danger!Energy tells a great sci-fi story of hacking and the like. If you fancy picking up a copy for yourself, then head over to the Xbox Store to pick up a copy for £4.99 on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One – act fast with your money and you could see a discount to £3.99 being applied! 

Keep an eye out for our review too.

Danger!Energy is also available on PC.

Game Description:

Santermonia is the leading virtual city in the global network. Faust is the new captain of the Santermonia’s team for integration in “real world”. And now Santermonia has the chance to get independence from global network, that is controlled by Main Virtual Controller (MVC). So, captain Faust is drawn into the struggle and now Santermonia’s fate in his own hands. Will he follow in the footsteps of previous captain and realize his plans?

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