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Up for a new quest? One in which you’ll be found exploring randomly generated dungeons, collecting valuable treasures, mastering magic, fighting minions and solving puzzles? on the face of it the launch of Rogue Wizards on Xbox and PlayStation is nothing new – but this one will let you build your very own Wizard Tower for good measure. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PS4 for around £12.49, this launch of Rogue Wizards allows both Xbox and PlayStation folk the chance to join their Nintendo Switch and PC friends as they adventure through a magical world in hope of righting some wrongs. 

Rogue Wizards tells the tale of how The Council controls the elam families, aristocrats descended from the first humans in Rilfanor, and the banlits who were born without the power of magic. The problem is, the Guild has never let these folk into their sanctum, mostly as banlits lack the magic and women are apparently too weak minded. 

But that was then and as the generations have moved forward and the elam magic has weakened, an uprising has occurred – one which should see both the banlits and the woman integrated into the Guild. 

It’s up to you to prove yourself in this fashion as you take in a randomly generated dungeon fuelled world that is full of treasure, traps, puzzles and, well, evil minions to take down. 

And once you’re done with that crawling of dungeons, you’ll get to then use what you’ve earnt to build your very own Wizard Tower; the centre of your new town and the place where you’ll be able to call on help. 

We’ve not played Rogue Wizards on either Steam or Switch, but we’re pretty sold with what it provides now that it has come to Xbox and PlayStation. With more than 30 monsters, 18 spells, 6 magic schools, 8 bosses and something kicking around the 10 hour mark in terms of gameplay, the numbers themselves are pretty impressive. 

But there’s more too and with the promise of fast turn base combat, hundreds of items to utilise, a narrative which delivers a rather important message AND the chance to take a pet and friendly NPCs along for the ride, it seems to get better still. 

In fact, the key features alone sell this tale…

  • 30+ monsters, each with a unique ability
  • 18 upgradable spells across six schools of magic
  • Eight bosses to defeat and rid the Wizard Council of corruption
  • Pets and NPCs to aid in the dungeons
  • Hundreds of powerful items with randomized enchantment combinations
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • Approximately 10 hours in the main storyline
  • Endless progressively harder gauntlet dungeons to compete for high scores
  • A narrative with a core message of gender and class equality
  • A town sanctuary with unlockable and upgradable structures
  • Fast turn based combat
  • Visually striking tile animated line of sight system

We’ll be sure to spend some time with Rogue Wizards and plan to drop a review of the Xbox version as soon as we can. For now though, get yourself over to the Xbox Store for that Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S download, or the PlayStation Store for those on PS4. Of course, you can still grab it on Switch and PC via Steam too.

Game Description:

Battle creatures, collect loot, master magic, and build your very own Wizard Tower sanctuary in this rogue-like, dungeon-crawling RPG

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