If you ever find yourself in the market for a new dark and mysterious tale – then Pinstripe should be vying for your attention.

In Pinstripe, you play as ex-minister Teddy who is on the hunt for his three year old daughter Bo and her less than friendly kidnapper. The only twist? You will be going through Hell in order to do so, utilising your trusty slingshot to battle away the beasts that plague the afterlife, and working your way through some interesting puzzles in the process.

As you venture through the six beautifully designed levels of Hell, more and more of Teddy’s dark secrets will begin to unfold, making for a memorable and humorous, albeit creepy, tale. Who has died? And who is Mr Pinstripe? We know he is Teddy’s demonic nemesis, but who the hell is he? Well, that is for you to figure out.

And figure it out you can because Pinstripe, accompanied by a sweet soundtrack, has released today on Xbox One for £11.99. The Microsoft Store will let you in on its secrets. 

Should you need a bit of persuasion, then our full review of the game is here too.

Game Description:

Play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister forced to venture through the frozen afterlife in search of Bo, his three year old daughter, and her perverse kidnapper. Discover the dark secrets of Teddy’s past, and confront his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe. Take part in an emotional adventure through the afterlife that blends humor with horror for a memorable experience. Explore six hauntingly beautiful levels of Hell, using your slingshot to fight your way through bizarre beasts and interesting puzzles. Hang out with your family pet George and sniff out clues as you listen to an immersive and unique soundtrack written by the game’s creator. Discover the mystery behind Teddy and Bo’s death, brought to life through talented professional performances and featuring celebrity cameos.

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