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If we’re honest, we didn’t expect Lonely Mountains: Downhill to grab us in the way it did. But if truth be told, just five minutes on a bike with the super classy, great feeling downhill mountain racer was enough to draw us in for the long term. And so more DLC is a much welcomed surprise and we can’t wait to get pumping our way down the slopes of Eldfjall Island.

Announced today with release on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC later in the year, Lonely Mountains: Downhill players will get the opportunity to explore a whole new island when the Eldfjall Island content drops. Coming from Thunderful Publishing & Megagon Industries as an expansion to the existing game, this brand new mountain features the fictional volcanic island of Eldfjall.

The game’s largest mountain to date, Eldfjall comes complete with brand-new challenges for each of its four trails as players get the chance to unlock new outfits, paint jobs, and accessories all while racing down the mountain as quickly as possible to climb up the leaderboards. Additionally, new special effects will make the journey even more intense than ever before with thunderstorms and an active volcano!

“We are very excited to introduce Eldfjall Island, a completely new, yet undiscovered Lonely Mountain. It is a unique world of its own – the largest and most versatile mountain we have ever built. We have put all our knowledge and experience into it since the initial release of the main game Lonely Mountains: Downhill. For the players Eldfjall Island brings a completely new gaming experience and an adventurous ride along its mossy fields, windy cliffs, and fiery magma streams…” – Jan Bubenik and Daniel Helbig, Megagon Industries.

Features include:

  • 4 new trails with new challenges and resting spots
  • New special effects: Ride through a Thunderstorm and navigate alongside an erupting volcano
  • Satisfy your inner Viking and unlock unique outfits, helmets, and paint jobs
  • Upgrade your existing outfits with the new pro helmet
  • Complete your fashion style with new unlockable backpacks
  • Make your name famous on the leaderboards!

But that’s not all and also hitting Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be a free feature update introducing Daily Rides where players will compete cross-platform for the top spot on the daily leaderboard. Each and every day will see a new trail selected randomly with new obstacles and shortcuts. The daily challenges will take place in a 3 to 8 week season where you can unlock new and unique rewards for participating and be among the top players at the end of a season.

So, is the arrival of this free feature update and that of Eldfjall Island enough to see you going back to Lonely Mountains: Downhill? The comments are below. And if you haven’t picked it up yet, there’s no reason not to – it’s on Xbox Game Pass.

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