hyper light drifter

It’s time to drop back into the 16bit era as Hyper Light Drifter arrives on Xbox One.

Available to download right now from the Xbox One Games Store, Hyper Light Drifter will send you back through a savage land, one filled with treasure…and blood. With a 16bit classic feel, but still designed for a modern day gamer, Hyper Light Drifter should be easy to pick up, but difficult to master, as numerous enemies threaten you at every turn.

£15.99 is just about all you’ll need to find to head off on this forgotten journey.

Game Description:

Echoes of a dark and violent past resonate throughout a savage land, steeped in treasure and blood. Hyper Light Drifter is an action adventure RPG in the vein of the best 16­bit classics, with modernized mechanics and designs on a much grander scale. Drifters of this world are the collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories. Our Drifter is haunted by an insatiable illness, traveling further into the lands of Buried Time, hoping to discover a way to quiet the vicious disease. • From each character to subtle background elements, everything is lovingly hand-animated. • Easy to pick up, difficult to master; enemies are vicious and numerous, hazards will easily crush your frail body, and friendly faces remain rare. • Upgrade weapons, learn new skills, discover equipment and traverse a dark, detailed world with branching paths and secrets abound.

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