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Are you looking to head to lush open lands which are ripe for fishing and hiking opportunities? Fancy taking your trusty best friend along for the ride? Well, you can do just that with Open Country. 

Available to purchase and download now for £12.99 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC, Open Country is the latest outdoor adventure in which players will get to explore like never before. A hunting game at heart, this will be found going up against the genre leader in theHunter: Call of the Wild, but it does bring some slightly different ideas with it. 

You see, Open Country follows more of an arcade-styled path than those which have gone before it, and that in turn should allow for full accessibility no matter what your skill level. Throwing you into the hiking boots of a corporate worker looking to change their city life, how you go about tackling this Open Country is pretty much left in your own hands. With the chance to kick back and fish, the opportunity to embark on the longest of hikes, or even the option to jump behind the wheel of a vehicle in order to roam free, Open Country looks to have it all. 

It’s help by being able to provide a host of tasks and missions for you to get to grips with; completion of those will let you get hands on with better weapons and equipment, which in turn opens up tougher missions and the chance to become a proper Master Outdoorsman. 

Three unique environments will play host to your adventures here, each of which will be home to its own range of floar and fauna. But you can be sure that no matter where you visit, you won’t be alone, for your trusty canine companion will always be at your side. 

Key features of Open Country include:

●       Exploration – Roam free amongst three handcrafted environments at launch each with unique weather systems and native flora and fauna. Utilize an off-road ATV to traverse mountainous terrain.

●       Hunt, Fish, and Survive – Manage supplies, hunt, fish, forage for food and resources, and carefully manage quality of life in the dangers of the great outdoors.

●       Prove Your Skill – By completing tasks and missions in town and with Gary at the Snowridge Lodge, players can level up to get better weapons and equipment, engage in tougher missions, and work towards becoming a Master Outdoorsman.

We’ve got hopes for Open Country, if only because theHunter needs something decent to go up against it. Whether it plays out that this has the right kind of sights and aims will be picked up in our full review of the game on Xbox. Keep an eye out for that in the days ahead. 

For now, if you wish to head to the Open Country, your first port of call should be the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation Store for PS players, or through Steam for PC

Game Description:

You’re in the wild now! With your backpack stocked and rifle loaded, you are ready to leave city life behind. Make sure you set up camp and a fire before the sun goes down…the wolves and bears are starving and you look like dinner. The Ranger needs some guidance from a skilled outdoorsman, and Gary at the Snowridge Lodge could really use some more game to get him through the rough months. Are you up for the challenge of surviving in the Open Country?

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