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In little over a month the F1 circus will be returning for another season of thrills, spills, glitz, glamour and controversy. However in the eyes of Codemasters the F1 season is a year-long thing, and today it is they who are pushing out even more content for the brilliant F1 2019.

Following on from the Halloween styled DLC pieces, and that whole slew of Christmas themed gear back in November, we now get access to more Badges, Gloves and Car Liveries, allowing the opportunity to express our love for all things F1 in the process.

Available right now for a variety of prices are the following bits of DLC, all ready for you to be able to kit your driver out with, and ensure that you are not just the fastest racer on the grid, but one of the best looking…

  • Badge “Stomp” – £0.79
  • Car Livery ‘Monnaie – Riche’ – £1.99
  • Gloves ‘Turbo Blue’ – £0.99
  • Badge ”Aced’ – £0.79
  • Badge ‘Metal Bird’ – £0.79
  • Badge ‘Flash’ – £0.79
  • Badge ‘Hazard’ – £0.79
  • Gloves ‘Firestorm’ – £0.99
  • Gloves ‘Jet Stream’ – £0.99
  • Gloves ‘Altitude’ – £0.99
  • Car Livery ‘KOMPASS’ – £1.99
  • Gloves ‘Diamond Edge’ – £0.99
  • Badge ‘Fletch’ – £0.79

Should you be looking to hit the multiplayer scene and need some new gear to help you stand out from the crowd then all of these latest F1 2019 DLC additions will sort you out.

To get access the usual digital stores will happily provide. Just take your base game and head to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or however you get your PC fix, and enjoy what is in place. As always, the comments section is right down below and we’d love it if you told us which of these latest DLC bits you decide to pick up.

And get prepared for even more content further down the line. We’d be hugely surprised if Codies let the build-up to the new F1 season go by without celebrating it in some way or another.

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