The Injustice 2 roster is brimming with all sorts of awesome DC characters already, but now it’s time for something completely different. Hellboy has arrived and he’s got a fist of doom with your name on!

Make no mistake about it, Mike Mignola’s iconic Dark Horse comic book character, Hellboy, means business as he tries to defend the world from the fiendish individuals as the latest DLC in Injustice 2. Armed with his trusty revolver, some grenades, and the infamously indestructible Right Hand of Doom, you’ll surely be able to dispose of anyone who gets in your way. And if all else fails, launch the Super attack to drag the opposition to the depths of hell, where demons will lend a helping hand. Maybe they aren’t all bad after all..

Although he’s been available to gamers who own Fighter Pack #2, the Ultimate Pack and the Ultimate Edition for a week already, Hellboy can now be purchased separately for the price of £4.79 on the Microsoft Store. Isn’t it about time you took control of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense’s greatest asset, Hellboy? Let us know in the comments, our forum, or on social media!

If you haven’t even played Injustice 2 yet, then our review might convince you to get involved sooner rather than later.

DLC Description:

As a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Hellboy has defended the world from fiends, witches, demons, and more than a few Lovecraftian Gods. With his trusty revolver and his “Right Hand of Doom,” Hellboy has made monster disposal his speciality.

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