The online gaming industry is worth billions of dollars. Every day there are at least millions playing online games. The reason for the growth of the gaming industry is technology. Earlier people used to play in desktops; from there they started playing using consoles like Xbox, PlayStation etc. Now everyone plays games using their smartphones or tablets. The other factors for the growth of the gaming industry are:

Free games:

Believe it or not, free games are a billion dollar industry. Just last year the game Fortnite made more than a billion US dollars. There are other games too which have in game purchases and when one is addicted to a game, the person does not mind purchasing a life or two. 

Online gambling:

The online gambling industry is worth more than 150 billion US dollars easily. People like to gamble and when they can do it from the relaxed confines of their houses, they naturally love it. Additionally crypto currency has spawned more casinos like cryptoskull casino. Safety, security and anonymity are the factors that are helping the growth of online gambling. Another factor is that women love online gambling. It has been found that more and more women are registering at online casinos to play their favourite games. The ease of use is the prime reason followed by the fact that they can play anywhere. They can play when the food is in the oven, they can bet while the children are playing in the park, they can even play while commuting on a bus etc. 

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game:

MMORPG is the fastest growing gaming system. Players get into a role and play along with a lot of people. WOW is one of the most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It is very addictive, you get to meet new people and you get to play together, these three factors are enough to keep everyone hooked.

Virtual Reality:

The success of virtual reality and augmented reality games are driving the online gaming industry. Games like Pokemon Go have been extremely successful. Virtual reality also allows players to have a real experience feeling. Online gambling is also poised to go the Virtual reality way as people can feel that they are playing in a real traditional casino.

Social Media:

Every game that you play, whether in your laptop or smart phone or tablet has a feature that allows you to communicate to others on social media like Facebook, Twitter and the like. Most games allow you to provide lives to your friends who are playing the game or to ask your friends for lives or bonuses. The viral effect of social media is the prime factor for the growth of the online gaming industry.


Every gamer has a cloud account and you can save your games on the cloud nowadays. It is not very costly and you can play and save games and continue whenever you feel like doing so.