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You should really know what to expect from a KEMCO game by now. Fantasy, fighting and frolics, if there’s an old-school adventure worth taking in, it’s probably come about via the KEMCO team. Fairy Elements probably doesn’t veer too far from what is to be expected. 

Fairy Elements comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC through the Microsoft Store to once more deliver fans of the adventure the chance to take in an all new journey; one that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has picked up any game from this stable over the last few years. 

Retro-styled but full of intrigue, Fairy Elements sees you thrown into the shoes of Yamato, a royal knight with a sword full of immense power. After being transported more than two centuries into the future, Yamato meets up with a couple of friends, as their journey as a trio begins. 

Standard world adventuring awaits anyone who decides to drop into Fairy Elements, as will turn-based battles and the usual upgrades and more. Drop in a dungeon or two and resource management to enjoy and there’s absolutely nothing to deter any previous fans. There should well be enough here to drag in some newbies for the fight too. If you’ve played any KEMCO game from the years gone by – Overrogue and Gale of Windoria being two of the latest – you’ll know what to expect.

We’ll get reviewing Fairy Elements on Xbox in the near future so stick around for our thoughts when they drop. Until then, you can pick up Fairy Elements from the Xbox Store. It’s fully Series X|S optimised too. 

Game Description:

Yamato, a royal knight saves his kingdom with the power of a sword imbued with mysterious power, but is transported to a world 200 years in the future. He meets a strange creature and a mysterious girl there, only to be involved in a greater destiny awaiting at the end of his adventure. Use resources to create and fortify weapons and armor that not only are effective, but also change your party aspects in turn-based battles. The game features a special mode where you can battle, anywhere and any time, to obtain resources for fortifying. Many other elements include the cauldron system, which provides an easy way to increase a weapon’s basic attack strength, and not to mention dungeons packed with incredibly strong enemies and more!

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