The Far Cry 4 KYRAT EDITION is designed for anyone who wants to completely immerse themselves in the world of Kyrat. But what is included?

A ton of things, that’s what!

The Kyrat Edition offers exclusive, collectable items and increases gameplay experiences with extra, playable, content.

It includes:

  • A 20 cm figurine of the game’s villain Pagan Min seated on an elephant throne
  • A travel journal
  • Pagan Min Propaganda Poster
  • The game Map
  • An exclusive Collector Box

As well as all the above, the Kyrat Edition will also include some special content; Hurk’s Redemption Missions!

Consisting of 60 minutes of gameplay including 3 extra missions and 1 exclusive weapon as follows:

  • Three action-packed single-player missions featuring your pal Hurk (20 mins each); Mission 1: Fight dangerous enemies in the ice caves of snow-capped mountains to retrieve a rare artifact, Mission 2: Fight waves of enemies while riding an unusual vehicle with Hurk by your side, Mission 3: In this epic bro-tastic conclusion, chase down an enemy convoy and save Hurk from certain death.
  • Exclusive Weapon: Harpoon gun “the Impaler”!

No word on a price as yet, but be sure it won’t be cheap! The Kyrat Edition wil be available alongside the normal standard edition when Far Cry 4 in November 2014.

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