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The Far Cry 4 release date is closing in fast and today Ubisoft have released a new trailer which focuses on the weapons found in Kyrat.

Below you will see an in-depth look at the all-new arsenal of weapons that will be at your disposal when Far Cry 4 releases on Xbox One come November 18th. Watch as fire is rained down on enemies with destructive mortars, grenade launchers, and machine guns, or sit back quietly and watch the stealthier approach, with auto crossbows and Kukri knives being used.

You’ll find this weaponry supplied to you by a new character. Longinus a former warlord, has followed a trail to the Himalayas and finds himself in the middle of Kyrat, caught up in another civil war that looks all too familiar. Longinus may have found God and become a changed man but that doesn’t mean the lion has become the lamb and it is he who will be an integral part to you getting your hands on the best guns and supplies.

What are you made of?

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