UNO Far Cry 6 DLC

I bet the last thing you’re thinking when wandering round Yara in Far Cry 6 is how this would look as a UNO deck. But at least now you don’t need to contemplate at all as the UNO The Call of Yara DLC is releasing for Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

This latest themed deck joins the likes of Rayman, Just Dance and Immortals: Fenyx Rising to lend their likeness to the iconic card game. Call on your Yaran brethren to help you with the new resource management system in UNO, helping to add some real depth to the classic UNO gameplay.

Earn Yaran pesos as you play that you can then spend to hire the services of Far Cry 6 characters such as Dani Rojas or Juan Cortez to help you turn the card tide in your favour. The Call of Yara DLC will also faithfully recreate the ambience of Yara and Far Cry 6 with Cuban music, palm trees, old-fashioned cars and pastel colours. The UNO battleground will be a lot safer than Yara, but you may need to look twice to distinguish between the two.

Coming in priced at £3.99 on the Xbox Store, UNO The Call of Yara DLC will allow you to call upon a guerrilla icon to help you win an UNO game. No Far Cry 6 knowledge is necessary to enjoy these new rules. Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking up this new UNO DLC.

Game description

Join the revolution in UNO® The Call of Yara, the latest UNO DLC based upon the unique world of Far Cry® 6. – Match your cards, get rid of your hand, and spice up the action with the classic UNO cards and rules you know, but with a new resource management mechanic to add depth to the classic UNO gameplay. – Collect your Yaran pesos and hire the services of guerrilla icons, such as Dani Rojas or Juan Cortez, to help you win the game. – With old-fashioned cars, pastel colors, palm trees, handcrafted tools, and Cuban music found in UNO The Call of Yara, you will be immersed in the tropical and Cuban-inspired environment of the heavenly island to make you feel like a true Yaran. This is UNO done the Yaran way!

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