Ubisoft have today released a short documentary video exploring exactly how they have brought the Stone Age to life in Far Cry Primal.

Creating a game set in the Mesolithic period some 10000 years ago is no mean feat. A new language has to be created if the level of realism and authenticity that Ubisoft wanted was to ring true. Wenja is based on the Proto-Indo-European language with the Eastern European setting of Primal fitting in brilliantly.

Teaming up a group of directors, animators and programmers was never going to be enough to make Primal come to life, so dragging in expert historians, anthropologists, linguistics, and even movement coaches have really given Ubisoft Montreal the chance to shine with a time gone by.

You can see how they went about it in the video below.


Far Cry Primal will be arriving on February 23rd on Xbox One and PS4 with a PC version arriving on March 1st.

Don’t miss it.

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