world war z xbox one release

When you find humanity sitting on the edge of extinction, there is only one thing for it – band together and fight back against the dead. And that is what you’ll find yourself doing as World War Z releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and the Epic Games Store on PC, World War Z has come about via inspiration from the Paramount Pictures film, thrusting you into a world swarming with zombies.

With everything powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine, you’ll find that your time in World War Z will be spent fighting back against hundreds of fast-moving, bloodthirsty zombies, with them all able to move and strike as one collective herd as well as being found breaking off into individual attackers.

Taking them on – and knocking them down – will be par for the course and thankfully in World War Z you won’t be found wanting in the weaponry department. See, with six distinct classes and an arsenal of deadly weapons, explosives, turrets and traps available, outliving the dead through intense four-player co-op campaign missions is more than doable. These will see you taken around the globe too, with locales such as New York, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tokyo all present, allowing the opportunity for you and your mates to show the zombie masses what is what.

Competitive, team-based Players vs. Players vs. Zombies (PvPvZ) multiplayer is in hand too, and so when you find yourself bored of the coop campaigns, and need a hit of something different, World War Z on Xbox One, PS4 and PC will see you totally sorted.

Interested? Check out that launch trailer below and then get over to your favoured digital store right now in order to get involved in a bit of zombie bashing. You’ll find it priced up at £34.99 on the Xbox Store, whilst a little bit of extra DLC is accompanying the launch with the Lobo Weapon Pack. Drop an extra £2.39 and you’ll get access to the ultimate zombie killers – the Lobo Melee Weapon, a Golden ARK-103 Assault Rifle, the Golden Keris V10 SMG and the Golden 1911 Protector.

Game Description:

Humanity is on the brink of extinction. From New York to Moscow and Jerusalem, the undead apocalypse continues to spread. As the end looms, a hardened few bands together to defeat the horde and outlive the dead. World War Z is a heart-pounding co-op third-person shooter for up to 4 players featuring swarms of hundreds of zombies. Based on the Paramount Pictures film, World War Z focuses on fast-paced gameplay while exploring new storylines from around the world. Battle swarms of hundreds of zombies – the Swarm Engine™ seamlessly renders hordes of zombies in incredible firefights. Advanced gore systems offer gruesomely satisfying action. Co-op story-driven campaigns – survive around the world, as unique groups tell their stories of perseverance. Fight other players for survival – several intense Player vs Player vs Zombies game modes complement the co-op campaigns. Grow stronger – unlock powerful weapon upgrades and level 16 character classes to take on greater challenges.


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