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It seems like an age since Fat City was initially released on Xbox One, but now, finally we see it appear on Xbox One in the UK.

Get your brain into gear as you take control of a crew of special ops personnel, planning and attempting to pull off a number of heists in order to fulfill a blackmailers requests. Nothing matters other than getting your loved one back safely!

Originally released in the US a month or so back, Fat City can now also be picked up in the UK for £10.39.

Game Description:

Chris Knox is the leader of a crew of former special ops personnel and highly skilled hustlers. Help Chris and his team plan and pull off audacious heists from high-value targets to fill the coffers of a surreptitious crime syndicate in exchange for the life of a loved one. Players will use their cunning and brain power to plan raids and execute getaways to pull in the big bucks in the city that never sleeps. With 60+ targets spread throughout the five boroughs of New York City,
Mission events are driven by how players plan and execute each heist, which inherently creates replay-ability and ample opportunities for completionists.

Head over to the Xbox One Games Store now if you fancy it.

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