When the minds behind Devil May Cry and Resident Evil come together to create something 100% original, you can be sure that the outcome will be something a bit special. And that was exactly the case when Bayonetta released way back in 2009. Now though, some eight years on, the game is seeing its price tag stripped, giving all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners the chance to play it for free. Yep, it’s the middle of August and the Xbox Games With Gold scheme is delivering once more!

Available right now for zero cost, Bayonetta promises to bring a pure, unadulterated experience that is full of action. Taking on the role of heroine, Bayonetta, it’ll be up to you to go face-to-face with numerous enemies as you utilise a set of powers that just beg to be unleashed.

With Hideki Kamiya behind the whole idea, Bayonetta was sure to appeal to a certain section of gamers, and that was most definitely the case upon release. But that’s not to say that it can’t pleasure a range of players and today, with the price set at zero, a whole host of new gamers can now get in on the action.

You’ve got until the end of August in order to hit the big download button, but we advise you get over to the Xbox Games Store right now – even if you don’t intend on playing it for some time. The usual £14.99 price may seem a little high for a game that has been doing the rounds for many a year, but when you’ve got the Games With Gold scheme removing that price, the worry is very much reduced.

We all know that the Xbox Games With Gold scheme will happily deliver four new free games to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners each and every month. If you wish to know more about the gifts it’ll be delivering throughout August, then why not hit up our in-depth article?

Game Description:

From the creative geniuses behind Devil May Cry and Resident Evil comes Bayonetta™, a game of 100% pure, unadulterated, climatic action. With powers far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, our heroine Bayonetta fights countless enemies, evil forces and giant foes in brutal yet graceful ways.

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Chris (CrippyD)
Chris (CrippyD)
4 years ago

I enjoyed what I played of this but I found it hard as nails and couldn’t beat one of the bosses so had to leave it.