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Guitar Hero and Rock Band made the genre popular, yet it is the most recent arrivals of the stunning Aaero and brilliantly configured AVICII Invector that have really helped cement a place of the rhythm music genre in the hearts of many. Today though we see a new option hit, with the arrival of Music Racer on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Music Racer is a new dynamic rhythm racer that sees you getting behind the wheel of a car and speeding along a bunch of neon tracks.

Your task throughout is to gather up the beat, nail the rhythm and work yourself into the flow of the musical tracks that are in place.

With tracks that are created in real time as the music flows, and no less than 14 levels and 25 cars for you to enjoy, Music Racer looks set to steal a little of a musical lover’s heart, pushed along with beautifully created visuals with a serious retro vibe. Drop in the fact that Music Racer comes complete with 4 game modes, a deep library of tracks, and the chance for you to collect many points, and anyone previously having fallen for other titles in the genre will no doubt find fun here.

Our full review of Music Racer on Xbox One will let you know more. And if you’re liking what you’re seeing then you’ll want to get access to this neon delight by heading to the Xbox Store and grabbing a download. It is there where you’ll discover it available for just £5.79. It’s also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch so if they are your bag, you’re pretty much sorted.

Game Description:

Music Racer is the dynamic rhythm game loved by millions of players around the world. Rush along futuristic, neon tracks. Gather beats, catch the rhythm. The racetrack is created in real time based on the game’s music tracks. The speed and mood of each run are determined by the compositions chosen. Obstacles and awards are generated from the music. Get into the rhythm and collect as many points as possible.

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