Football is an emotional game and the latest chapter in the FIFA series will be bringing that emotion right to the fore.

For the first time ever in a FIFA title, players, subs and indeed the fans in the stand will all react to those near misses, wonder strikes or dirty professional fouls. The feelings your teammates give you in the first minute of a match may well have altered dramatically by the end if you keep missing those sitters.

Additionally, the fans in the stadiums will react depending on their club allegiance and how the match is evolving. Expect a full rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ coming from The Kop when Liverpool play and a bouncing stadium all ‘doing the Poznan’ when Manchester City score a late winner.

FIFA 15 looks set to be the most remarkable football title ever made so keep an eye out for it when it releases on Xbox One and Xbox 360 from the 23rd September.



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