hitman 3 wrath dlc

Slowly, surely and with utter decisiveness and precision, Agent 47 and Hitman 3 are making their way through the Seven Deadly Sins. Today, it’s all about feeling the wrath of the Hitman, with the seventh and final Act taking place. 

Available to purchase, download and add into Hitman 3 right now is Seven Deadly Sins Act 7: Wrath. 

Following on from, yep you guessed it, the six other Acts of the Seven Deadly Sins expansion, Wrath gives players the opportunity to once again join Agent 47 as he goes on a bit of a killing spree. 

With the base game of Hitman 3 present and correct in your digital library, splashing the £4.19 asking price of the Wrath expansion should be well within your grasp. Unless of course you’ve previously stumped up for the Seven Deadly Sins Collection, which will have seen you right with all seven content drops to date. 

From there, you’re good to go with Hitman 3 Wrath, with it adding in exclusive sin-themed suits and new challenges for more rewards. This time that will see you given the chance to kit 47 out in the Wrath-themed Suit, as he utilises The Roar Flash Grenade, The Shashka Beast Assault Rifle and takes on The Wrath Termination Escalation. 

Should you be a fan of Hitman 3 and fancy something to keep you going back to the game time and time again, this is probably your best bet. 

Get over to the digital store of your choosing and grab the content right now. For ease, we’ll leave the link to the Xbox Store so you can pick it up from there direct. It’s also available on other formats.

DLC Description:

Act 7: Wrath HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins takes you deep into the mind of Agent 47. Get exclusive sin-themed suits and take on brand new challenges to unlock unique rewards. Can you resist all seven sins?

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